Services Offered

Services Offered to Mental Health Agencies


  • Using Rti Model in the context of community mental health
  • Setting up data collection systems in community mental health
  • Employing ABA principles into community mental health
  • Monitoring clinical progress and making data driven decisions for clients


  • Treatment plan writing in the field of community mental health
  • Data collection procedures
  • Using computerized data collection systems and assessments
  • EBI for community mental health programming (based on function)
  • Progress monitoring and data driven decision making
  • Organizational and Behavioral Management Opportunities (improving clinician outcomes and productivity)
  • Verbal De-escalation Training

Services Offered Families, Caregivers, and Children

Services Provided to Families/ Caregivers

  • Parent Training on Behavior Interventions (based on function)
  • Parent Training on Educational Interventions
  • Social Emotional training on techniques to improve social and behavioral outcomes
  • Crisis Prevention Institute verbal deescalation training
  • Camp activities for all children (providing a short respite for family)
  • Travel assistance- behavioral technicians are available for travel to assist families during vacation
  • In-home parent training, observation, and corrective feedback.
  • EMDR
  • Play Therapy
  • Animal Assisted Interventions
  • Expressive Arts Programming

Services Provided to Children/ Families

  • Individual Sessions
    • In-home programming
    • Clinic based programming
  • Group Sessions
    • Social Skills
    • ADHD groups
    • Anger management groups
    • Peer mediation
    • Social Emotional Literacy programs
    • Self-esteem
    • Grief programming
  • Community Outings
    • Part of in-home programming include the use of community outings to monitor behavioral success in multiple settings
  • Social Skills Camp
    • Camps aimed at teaching social skills. This is an inclusion based model that utilizes typical peers as models for appropriate behavior.
    • STEMS- Groups that include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curriculum embedded in social skills training
  • Sibling Programming
    • Camps aimed at providing services to siblings of children with disabilities.
  • ABA Services
  • EMDR
  • Play Therapy
  • Animal Assisted Interventions
  • Expressive Arts Programming
  • IEP Advocacy :  We believe that the key to a student's success is having the support of informed family and clinicians who are equipped with the tools needed to work with teachers, administrators, and schools to remove roadblocks to success. Our clinicians will work with parents and students to provide cogent information enabling them to advocate for families and students during IEP meetings and planning with schools and accompany and support them during those meetings to help ensure positive outcomes.  
  • Academic Coaching: For students with varied learning or emotional differences, navigating educational tasks can be difficult and frustrating. Academic Coaching helps your student understand the way his/her brain works and to learn strategies that will support their unique learning style. Key components of Academic Coaching Include: 
    • Planning
    • Organization
    • Homework Completion
    • Task Initiation
    • Time Management
    • Attention Shift
    • Self-Advocacy and Learning Styles

Services Offered to Schools

Teacher and Staff Training

  • Evidence Based Interventions (EBI) for behavior and education
  • Trainings on specific diagnosis/ disorders and best practices for the identified population
  • Positive Behavior Intervention and Support programming in the schools
  • Response to Intervention Programming, assessment, and intervention
  • Data collection procedures and data driven decisions in education and behavior
  • Social Emotional Training programming for Preschool and Elementary
  • Verbal de-escalation training
  • EMDR
  • Play Therapy
  • Animal Assisted Interventions
  • Expressive Arts Programming

Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plans

  • Creation of School-wide systems/ paperwork/ procedures
  • Training on purpose and need for FBA’s to drive interventions
  • The use of data collection procedures in education (social emotional and education)
  • Computer based collection systems for data and assessment
  • Classroom observations and feedback sessions
  • Data collection sessions to monitor progress and data collection procedures

Response to Intervention Programming

  • Creation of School-wide systems/ paperwork/ procedures
  • Training clinicians, teachers, and staff in RtI model and programming
  • Identifying EBI for primary, secondary, and tertiary needs

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports

  • School wide training on bully prevention procedures
  • EBI for supporting students with the use of PBIS techniques

Direct Service

  • Direct Assessment/ data collection/ observations
  • Group Interventions
    • Social Skills
    • Anger Management
    • Grief/ bereavement groups
    • Problem Solving Groups/ Peer Mediation
    • After School Programming
  • Parent Trainings
  • Individual interventions
    • EMDR
    • Play Therapy
    • Animal Assisted Interventions
    • Expressive Arts Programming

Services Offered to Clinicians

  • Clinical Supervision (BCBA/LCSW/LMSW.LAPSW)
  • Ethics Training/ Other Professional Development (face-to-face and on-line)
  • Empathy Building Activities
  • Internships

Integrated Behavioral Health Programming

Services Provided to Children, Adolescents, Couples, and Families

  • Site-based (in medical office) individual, couples, family, and group therapy
  • Training and program development for other programs wishing to start Integrated Behavioral Health Programming

Parent/ Caregiver training and Infant Mental Health Programming

Services Provided to Caregivers, Parents, and Families

  • Site-based (in-home and office-based) individual, parent training, and family therapy
  • Parent Training on best practices in behavior management, stress tolerance, potty training, sleep schedulues, feeding issues, and evidence-based parenting techniques
  • Professional Development to other clinicians and professionals about the importance of this type of programming

Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI)

Services Provided to Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Businesses

  • Individual Sessions
  • Small Group Sessions
  • Team-Building Programs
  • Clinician Trainings and Professional Development (CEUs)
  • Trauma Programming (children, adolescents, and vet programming)

Services Offered to Businesses and Organizations

  • Organizational Behavior Management Training
  • Team Building Programs
  • Training on Best Practices in improving outcomes and productivity
  • Interventions in Business/ Behavior Management
  • Monitoring and analyzing employee data (ENGAGE data systems)
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity Training
  • Employee Assistance Programming