Infant Mental Health and Parent Support Programming

Behavior Services of the Mid-South LLC is providing Infant Mental health and Parent Support Programming.

Infant Mental Health is becoming increasingly recognized as research clearly demonstrates the importance of early years and the impact they have throughout an individual's life. Infant Mental Health focuses on age and developmentally appropriate growth in the areas of emotional intelligence, behavior, social interaction, and physical maturation. Early intervention is important in increasing successful outcomes in the future. Infant mental health includes sleep training, potty training, feeding programs, compliance training, and social-emotional programming. Infant mental health includes direct work with the child, but also includes parent training and coaching. The parent training and coaching fall under the Parent/ Guardian Mental Health services. Parent Mental Health services are aimed at addressing the emotional and mental health needs of expecting, new, and experienced parents/ guardians. Often times mental health services are overlooked and not often prescribed to parents in need, and as a result the family unit struggles. The purpose of Parent Mental Health services are aimed at helping parents/ guardians suffering from stress of being a new caregiver that may go beyond "the baby blues." This work also includes educating family, friends and healthcare providers so that parents/ guardians can get the support they need and recover.